Got You Where I Want You

Got you where I want you means:

While at Nana's we discovered a wagon in her garage. 
Cooper enjoyed riding in it for a short while and then...

He wanted to drive...

He wanted to push...
(He stopped and picked up some rocks to haul.)
That's a look of determination and hard work.

Grandpa to ride too...
(It got hard on the ol' back trying to walk and let him push too and make sure he didn't fall on his face so this was a nice change actually.)

Grandpa to ride while Mama pulls...
(This was quite the workout)

 Just wanted to walk ALL by himself!! FINALLY!!!!
(He just started doing that last week right before we left for Florida)
He's SO big!

Look at that smile! He was a happy boy playing with the wagon and just playing outside in general. He wasn't a happy camper when we made him come inside ever. Only for meals was he ok with it. 
He called the playing outside shots. 

Hanging out with Great Nana while I got ready to go. We headed to The Shrimp Basket for lunch and he ate several shrimp! He's had quite the variety of foods this week. He even likes seaweed salad. Who knew!?

If you know Cooper you know that if you're eating and he's not he will be soon enough. He sat in everyone's lap for breakfast that morning. I believe he ate more of Nana's bagel than she did. She had to get up and make more to share with him.  What a mooch! 
He's a cute mooch though don't you think?
The funny thing about him right now is if he wants something he says Hmmm with a ? at the end. SO funny! Hmm? with a finger point to the door means, I want to go outside. He does it for a drink, points at the door knob, food and so on. Still working on our English words, but he's got his own sign language down that's for sure. 


  1. We loved all of these pictures. How fun to ride in the wagon with Grandpa! Yay for walking on his own! Wish we could have been there with you.

  2. Oh I love it! Looks like he had a great time. And he's walking!?! Oh boy!