A Season Of Blessings

October 17th was Mac's birthday so we decided to join them at the pumpkin patch. The boys had a good time in the pool of corn, hay maze and corn maze.  They had a really good time playing with little pumpkins. 
Enjoy the pictures!

Where's Waldo?
Guess Who??
Narissa and Molly!!

Not a great shot but Coop was officially done with the pumpkin patch and ready for a big fat nap!

Now for the real season of blessing news...
Gary got offered a position within his company that he applied for and he accepted. This means great things for our little family. It means that I will be able to stay home with Cooper until we are ready to build our next house! At that time I will hopefully be able to find a part time job to help with the building fund.
The Lord graciously answered our prayers and provided a way to make it possible for this to happen. My prayer is that I am a good stay at home mom. That this will not only be a blessing to Cooper but also to Gary.
We also pray that Gary likes his new position.
Thank you all for the prayers that you lifted up so that I could stay home with Cooper. You're all part of our season of blessings!
God Bless you ALL!


  1. That's awesome, Tammi! While we haven't chatted in a while, I've been keeping up with you via Betsy and I'm so glad to see how God is providing for you and your family. :) Cooper is a blessed little boy! And stinking cute ;)

  2. Yay! What wonderful news! I'm so excited for you!

    There are too many adorable pictures in this post! I especially love the ones of Mac and Coop sitting on the pumpkin and on the huge hay bales. Looks like they had lots of fun.

  3. Yea!! So glad you get to stay at home with Cooper. Many more blessings to come for sure!

  4. Praise God for the new job for both of you! So excited for all of you that you will be able to stay home with Cooper, such a blessing. God is so good! Love you all!