It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

For as long as I can remember watching Charlie Brown around Halloween has been a tradition. So I decided to continue doing it with Cooper. So we got our snack of banana muffins and milk and snuggled up on the couch. 

I think he liked it. We'll watch it again I'm sure. I actually dvr'd it so we could watch it later too.

On Friday the merchants on the square had trick-or-treating so Narissa and I decided to take the kiddos. Bre and Sam were there too but I didn't get any pictures of them. Let me tell you it was exhausting, thank goodness Aunt Mar, Garnny and Grandpa went with us, the extra hands were much needed.

Cooper was a Koala Bear and Mac was and Elephant

Ever since Cooper was born we've called him our koala baby bear. When he was in the NICU we did what was called kangaroo care but I for some reason called it koala care.

When he was just an itty bitty koala baby bear.

Here's a few of Coop in his Charlie Brown shirt.

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!


  1. You and Narissa did a great job on the costumes! We had the Great Pumpkin playing at our carnival last night but I need to put it on so that Trip can really watch it.
    I was just looking at some pictures of Cooper when he was in the NICU the other day and was reminded of how blessed we are that he has grown and developed so perfectly!

  2. We watched the Great Pumpkin too!! It is on my post today :)
    I love your little koala bear. He is just a precious gift straight from God. I loved the pictures from the past. It just seems like yesterday.
    Love you 3