Fall FUN

Saturday was chilly but nice enough to get out for a little fun in the leaves.
Cooper laughed a lot while his daddy was trying to get all the leaves out of the carport. I'm pretty sure he thought that pile was being made for him. He had a great time!

I found this backpack in the shed with some Disney books. He liked walking around with it but it made me sad to see how big he's getting. 

While we play outside we always have to go to the fence to see if the "dows" - cows are out and we have to go pet the "dees" -deer. So here he's sitting on it like he likes to do. What a silly monkey!

Narissa, Rebekah her sister and I took the boys to a Drury University basketball game to watch Sara Jane their other sister play. The boys stayed busy with the trucks and tractors.

Not the best shot but had to show that we were actually at a game. Cooper liked with the crowd clapped he clapped too. They both liked when the flew the Drury blimp overhead. One big giant balloon can entertain even the old but young at heart. 

Hope you are enjoying your Fall. 
The weather is starting to look and feel more like fall. Of course when it's time to do the annual tradition of running the 5k Turkey Trot it's supposed to be frigid! Oh well it wouldn't feel right if it weren't so cold your hands and ears hate you before you're done running.

Happy Fall Ya'll!!!

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  1. I LOVE the leaf pictures. It looks like he had a blast with his daddy.
    I do NOT like the backpack pictures. He looks way too big :( It makes me sad. But they are really cute pictures as well. Love you sis