We took the plunge and got chicks Easter weekend. Cooper instantly fell in love with them. He was so excited every time he thought to go check them. They lived in the laundry room for 2 weeks but with the warm temperatures we are having this week my Dad and I moved them out today. Correction, Cooper actually was the one that put them in the coop. He moved them on his own from the barrel into the coop. It was like watching a different child because he's usually scared to pick them up. It was hilarious. He loosened up today when we moved Dad's ducks outside and Cooper caught one to put in the pool to see if it would swim. After getting them all in the coop he decided he was going to get in and sit with them. He sat and played with them for a long time. It was hilarious. Dad told him he better be nice because I got a new place to send him when he's bad. If only that was ok (somedays).  That's not nice!

The chicks aren't as cute now that they are bigger but this "little fella" as Coop calls them or "chickadee" is cute!
Hopefully in 6 months we'll have fresh eggs to share. 
Hope you're having lovely weather this week as well. Get out and enjoy it!

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  1. Great pictures! I think it's so fun that Cooper and Trip are both getting to experience having chicks this year. I'm sure you're as anxious as I am for some delicious eggs.