St. Louis Weekend

As promised I'm posting pictures from our weekend in St. Louis. 
We had a fabulous time with cousins. Cooper hit it off great with all of them. 
We took a trip to Purina Farms to see the animals. They had a lot of babies for Spring. Cooper always enjoys seeing animals so this trip was no disappointment for him.

Checking out the fish. 

Cooper and Madalin were a good pair for this adventure. 

Cooper is rarely brave enough to stick his hand in fences. Madalin was a good tour guide.

We have a cute stair step of cousins. minus the two little ones- they'll be playing in line soon. 

Cooper and Mason getting a peak of the kittens. 

Tunnel time. My cousin Janelle was a good sport and went through with them, even after having a baby 3 weeks earlier. 

Always fun to play with tractors and corn. OR anything and corn if you ask Coop! 

At Purina they have a real deal dog show, Coop liked watching them run through the obstacles and jump in the water to catch frisbees. 


Of course a huge highlight was feeding the chickens and getting to see all the other animals that Jon and Jan have. 

Emma is the newest addition. Cooper loved her! He was always "checking her" or touching her hair or trying to kiss her. He thought he was something special when he got to hold her. 

The ultimate fun thing was the pool of balls in the sun room! They all had a great time hiding in, throwing and jump into the balls!
I'm so glad we were able to make this weekend happen. It was perfect timing that we got to be there for Madalin and Mason's birthday party. Had we tried to arrange everything it wouldn't have worked out. Thank you Jon and Jan for being so flexible and allowing Cooper and I to bombard your house. So glad we got to spend the weekend with you. Hope to do it again soon! 

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  1. Purina Farms looks like a fantastic place to visit! Glad you got to have a fun weekend with family!