Easter 2012

We had a nice Easter with beautiful weather and having meals with family but most importantly celebrating our Risen Savior. 

Gary has had some pictures and video in mind that he wanted of Cooper at the park so we headed to the see what we could come up with after nap time. 
We didn't get the video clips he wanted but ended up with some cute smiles and blue eyes. 

I made everyone get dressed again so we could take our Easter family photo. I didn't want to not have one so we raced the sun to get a few. 

Our little goober! He thought he was so funny when he put his arms around both of us.  

Being his silly self.
I have a neck touching phobia and apparently Uncle Kirk or Aunt Courtney taught him this method of torture. He was cracking up because I was squealing! 
Here's an extra for you. Cooper LOVES going fishing this Spring, we usually try to let him help us reel it in or at least get to see it before we throw it back if he wants to. This time he puckered up. He really did kiss this fish but of course my camera wasn't out so when we asked him to do it again he wasn't too excited so he pretended he was kissing it. Silly Boy!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebrating our Savior's resurrection. 
Get outside and kiss a fish or two, Cooper will be proud of you!


  1. You guys captured some beautiful moments, as always. I love them all! :)

  2. He IS funny! And your hair is adorable!