Welcome baby Ailah!


Well I'm only a month late with this!
Ailah was born Wednesday June 19, 2013 at 12:44 am. She weighed 5.13 and was 19 inches long. 
She's already the perfect addition to our little family.
She's still tiny and loves to be snuggled. 

For those of you who don't know the labor of love story here's a condensed version: 
I started having contractions in the middle of the night/early morning Tuesday. Enough to wake me up but not enough to time just yet. By 5:00 am they were 5 min apart so we decided to get around and hope it was baby day. 
We went to L&D by 9ish we stayed a little over an hour but they sent me home because I was only dilated to a 1. Never mind that my contractions were now coming every 3-4 minutes. They told us to stay in town for a few hours. We headed to get some lunch and try to walk her out. Since we are building our house we used the time to shop for house things. Let me tell you it was HOT and NOT FUN walking through the warehouse and stores! Needless to say we didn't get much shopping done as I walked and leaned on Gary or the shopping cart. After several hours of walking and contractions we decided to head back to see if I had dilated more before we headed home. Much to my disappointment I was still at a 1! However while there my contractions intensified. I had hopes of having a VBAC-vaginal birth after csection. We were having trouble keeping Ailah on the fetal monitor due to her irregular heart beat and we knew that if that happened the chances of VBAC were slim. Unfortunately we had a hospitalist that had zero bedside manor and just wanted to get the job done. She came in and said Ailah wasn't staying on and I needed a csection. This caused a major meltdown thus causing my contractions to skyrocket. I was getting sick through them, Gary said I wasn't breathing and I was in complete misery! We began to pray for the decision, because at that time we were considering leaving until morning but having to sign an against medical advisement form to do so. However my contractions weren't going to allow that to happen. I didn't feel like I'd survive there let alone go home like that. After several prayers pleading with the Lord we decided that the csection was all we could do since the VBAC was no longer an option with that doctor. When the anesthesiologist came in I was suddenly more at peace and wanted it instantly. I used to work in that department and he was one of my very favorite doctors. Praise the Lord!
So Miss Ailah Michelle was born about an hour after that via csection at 12:44am.

That was ONE.LONG.DAY!

Let me tell you I couldn't have survived it without Gary. He was incredible. I fell more in love with him on that day. He was miserable for me and hated it because I was in such pain and couldn't take it away but he was amazing. We had a good day together considering and I'll never forget it. 

Here are some pictures of our sweet girl.


 This is big brother meeting her for the first time. He didn't know she was born when Courtney brought him to the hospital. Gary met them downstairs to bring him up for some family time before anyone else came up. He heard her crying when they opened the door and thought they were coming into the wrong room. His sweet little face was priceless when he saw her. He's been her biggest fan ever since.

This last one is one from the set our friend Ginger took when she was 2.5 weeks old. Isn't she precious?

Thank you to everyone that helped out during that madness. Had Courtney not kept Cooper I wouldn't have had the little sanity that I did. Thank you sweet sister for being such an amazing servant and loving mine as your own. I'm forever grateful. 

Ok now it's time to catch up on our month...

More posts to come!

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