Week 26

Well kids I can still see my feet. This picture was Gary's idea. He tried to take it but then I thought it was better from my point of view instead it him taking it of my belly at that angle.
So that's good news! Feet... I can still see you!!

This is week 26. Getting bigger. Tatertot moves all the time! Tatertot probably isn't the best nickname for him because he's so active. When I think of a tatertot I think of something that is small, round and lazy. Lazy is NOT the word for him! He may be small but can pack a punch. I tell him often that he's going to get a long with his dad great because they both like mornings. Gary wakes up singing and Tatertot wakes up squirming around; both early. Have fun boys, I'm sleeping in... HA! I'm sure that'll happen.

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  1. Hey girl! Your blog is fun! And I love that you call your baby Tatertot. May I ask where that came from? Why not French Fry? Or Onion Ring? On second thought, I like Tatertot the best too. Give him a little pat for me. :)

    Love you! Miss you guys but can't wait for your shower!