Sugar or Salt?

Please tell me how you can make someone drink 8 ounces of fruit punch flavored sugar and them tell me that eating fruit snacks before drinking it, may cause my glucose to be too high?
Ok so here's the story...
I had my two week check up (follow up for blood pressure and swelling) and I walk in the lab to drop off my "sample" and they said Tammi, you're doing your glucose test today too. "SHUT-UP" I blurt out without thinking. Like they know my sense of humor. After a good laugh with the lab nurses we discussed what I had to eat an hour before I had gotten there and I shamefully had to admit that I had fruit snacks (little did they know that I had a watermelon jolly rancher in my cheek that I quickly spit out as soon as I went into the bathroom). They said well if it was an hour ago you should be good.
So there I sat with my fruit punch sugar drink (which wasn't bad, so girls if you're planning I recommend it) with a straw and sucked it down wondering how drinking 50 mg of sugar could be good for you one, and how it could show something good from drinking SO MUCH SUGAR!!
Ok, Ok I read on the test I understand what it is but doesn't it sound a little strange?
Here's my thought as I sit and wait for an hour while the sugar circulates and makes me feel far from fabulous: How can they tell me I'm diabetic and have to be on a low sodium diet? How could they take my sodium and sugar away? This could not be good. I'd have to have a feeding tube for sure. It's hard enough to find food to enjoy that follows a 2000 mg a day diet, let alone watch sugar too.
Good news... I passed! I don't have gestational diabetes! Praise the Lord, what would I have done?! He really was looking out for my sanity and everyone elses that has to listen to me and try to find low sodium food. (you're welcome everyone!) So bring on the sugar kids!! I'm still in the game!


  1. Woowee...no sugar would have been horrible!! What would you eat!!? That is great news!

  2. Well, I'll eat enough salt for both of us. I was just told today, becuae of my low blood pressure, eat as much salt as I can stand. In fact it would be good for me to take 1-2 salt tabs a day or drink Gatorade 24 hrs a day! :) Luckily I like salt... not salty drinks, but now JOhn can't nag me for salting my ham at dinner! :)