We took Cooper to his first Football game. Our friend Garrett,(it's so sad to call him our friend, he used to be one of my little people. He and his sister Tori are part of our family. We've been baby sitting them since they were 6 weeks old and now they are a Freshman and a 7th grader. They made me feel old!!)
Garrett is on the freshman football team. 

Smile for the camera! Tori sat behind us and entertained Cooper. He played with silly bands and ate the soft part of her popcorn.

Garrett is number 81. 
GO GARRETT!!!!!!! 

We saved the box from Coop's new car seat and his likes to play in it. Daddy got in with him. I was funny to see him get out of it.


I just thought this one was silly. He was getting silly in there.

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  1. Cute family picture! We took Trip to his first football game last Friday. He liked watching the players and all the spectators. It's such a fun family activity!