Just Another Day At The Beach.

We are in Gulf Breeze Fl. visiting my Nana.

We took Cooper to the beach.

Enjoy the pictures...

Stomping to make him happy. He loved it.

Dad dug a shallow hole and he stayed busy digging in it. It was so funny. Dad says he can remember his dad doing the same thing to keep him busy.

He stuck his face in the sand.

Caught a crab.

Maxed and relaxed.

Smile for Granny.

Our little walker. He wants to walk EVERYWHERE! 

We went to the pier and watched the fishermen. We saw schools of fish and several jelly fish. 


  1. He is growing so fast, love the beach photos!

  2. We all liked the "maxed and relaxed" picture! Looks like Granny got some great shots of Cooper with his grandpa. So sweet!