Block Party

Over the weekend Gary and I headed to St. Louis with a group from church to help with a block party for one of Second's sister churches. We had a great turn out. After a morning of handing out flyers and word of mouth to invite the neighborhood and nearby apartment complex we were ready to get the party started! With steamy temperatures and several bottles of water later we set up a great block party complete with bounce house, several games such as bean bag toss, football toss, ring toss, crafts, popcorn, hotdogs, snow cones (Gary's station) and face painting (where Megan and I worked). I'm pretty sure we painted every single child that came and several of them a few times. We had high humidity and oily paints so it smeared easily. Gary and Nathan were so busy with the snow cones as could be expected, they had to go to the store for more supplies several times!
We stayed to join them for church Sunday morning. We filled half of their sanctuary with our group! We enjoyed the service but were so glad we were there for their children's dance ministry. I took a short video clip of their dance. Take a look. I especially enjoyed seeing the little guy dancing with the girls. He was really good and made me miss being with Cooper that much more.

Please add New Beginning Fellowship to your prayer list that they can continue to reach out to their community and continue to grow their family.

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  1. Sounds like a very successful weekend of ministry to the local community! Glad you got to go help!