Gone Fishing

A few weekends ago Dad, Erin and I took Coop to Fellows Lake to do a little fishing. We headed to Walmart for a spiderman pole and fishing license then off to the lake we went.

Coop got to feed the fish. They were HUGE by the marina.

They were very ready for a treat. I'm sure they were starving judging from their tiny frames. HA!

Coop trying his hand at holding the pole alone. (prior to getting kicked out of the area we were in. We didn't read the sign NO FISHING within 200 feet of the dock.)

Yep fishing ON the dock. NOT ALLOWED!! Oopsie!

He enjoyed throwing the rocks in as well.  The water looked so inviting but that wasn't allowed either. Fellows Lake is Springfield's drinking water therefore no swimming.

So he may have sat on the edge. We are rule breakers.

Got a BIG one! He caught this fish a few times in a row. As well as the other fish that he caught, they went back in the water before we took the hook out. He was quite the fisherman.

We tried to get him to touch it. We only got one touch in.

Kiss the fish.

Reeling in a big one.

Serious concentration on bringing this one in.

We had a good day at the lake. Thanks Bapa and Granny for a fun time!


  1. How cute! Looks like a fun day!

  2. Love it! My dad still has my little Mickey Mouse fishing pole :)