Cashew Chicken

Cooper has a book that Uncle Kirk and Aunt Aimee gave him that he has been particularly interested in recently. It is a simple book that I think is supposed to go out to eat with him. It has pictures of animals faces and says, "Cow is hungry, can you feed the cow?" I usually ask him what he's feeding them and his typical response is turkey or chicken. However this time was a little different….
See for your self!   (sorry the video is so dark)

He's infatuated with eating cashew chicken lately. Last week Dad and I were in town with him and asked him what he wanted to eat for lunch and he answered cashew chicken. So that's what we had!
Have you had your cashew chicken lately? Have a great day and stay out of the heat!


  1. No! I have not had my cashew chicken lately! Nobody knows how to make it right out here. I'm with you, Cooper. I'll take all the Cashew Chicken I can get.

  2. As always, we had lots of fun watching this video of our super cute nephew/cousin. I especially like the chewing that he does for the cat! We would love to be able to join you for cashew chicken!