Yet Another Trip To The Zoo!

We finally got a few days of relief from the dog days of summer so Cooper and I took the opportunity to head to the zoo for the morning. He's getting a little more brave and actually fed the goats. He usually wants to see them but hides his face in the stroller when they look at him. This time we got to feed 3 pieces before he was done. That's progress in my book!


The Bear was even out because of the cooler temperatures and came to say hello. 

 The last time I tried to get him to sit on this tiger for a picture he was terrified of it! This time he was so excited. He's growing up too fast!

I took the animal pictures so Coop would have pictures on my phone that he wanted to see and so I decided to post them for my wee readers. 
Hope you've had a good summer! We are back to warmer temperatures but hoping for a cooler day tomorrow.

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  1. Great idea to have the animal pictures on your phone. Trip is obsessed with looking at the pictures and videos I have on my phone (most of which are of him, of course)!